GarrettCom debuts new security solutions at ISC West

April 1, 2009, Las Vegas, Nev. – GarrettCom unveiled a set of new offerings aimed at the special challenges of video surveillance and security systems in critical industrial and public safety applications at 2009 ISC West International Security Conference and Expo today. The announcements included a new hardened, intelligent compact Ethernet switch for physically and environmentally constrained installation requirements and a remote administration system for large, distributed networks. In addition, GarrettCom announced the company has been awarded a patent for one of its technologies targeted at saving bandwidth in video surveillance applications. See GarrettCom’s security-related offerings and learn how the company addresses high system availability, a critical attribute of systems placed in areas that are remote, highly distributed or otherwise difficult to service, in booth #12139.

“Ethernet has become the technology of choice for video surveillance and security systems, largely because of the ease of implementation of Ethernet-based systems, and also because of the extended capabilities of Ethernet to address performance, reliability and security requirements of critical surveillance systems,” said Frank Madren, president of GarrettCom. “We are committed to making security systems easy to install and easy to keep running, especially in highly challenging physical and customer applications.”

Magnum 6KQE Ethernet Edge Switch
The Magnum 6KQE Ethernet Edge Switch is an environmentally hardened, compact switch that extends the networking resiliency and performance management features of a managed switching system out to the perimeter of security networks. With a mix of Ethernet interfaces and support for Power-over-Ethernet (POE), the 6KQE provides new installation flexibility while still providing the full feature richness of MNS-6K operating software, in common with the entire Magnum 6K switching line. For more information, see

Magnum Global Manager Provides Remote Network Administration
The Magnum Global Manager (MGM), a system for remote administration of large, distributed networks of GarrettCom managed products, significantly simplifies the ongoing administration of software, passwords, configurations and log records, so necessary for physical security. It also provides compliance and auditing tools for network cyber security and change management. For more information, see

Patent Awarded for IGMP-L2 Technology
GarrettCom’s MNS-6K software includes IGMP-L2 technology, for which GarrettCom was recently awarded a patent. This innovative switch-based technology provides multicast group management and efficient traffic management for IP video-based applications. The IGMP-L2 technology simplifies multicast implementation in many installations by eliminating the need for a separate layer-3 router. For more information see

Additional Security-related Capabilities Exhibited
As announced last fall, MNS-6K also includes enhanced network resiliency capabilities based on RSTP-2004 to achieve automatic network recovery in under 5 ms per node ( New versions of MNS-6K now extend this RSTP-2004 high performance network recovery technique with enhanced interoperability across multi-vendor networks. The optional MNS-6K-SECURE operating software also includes new cyber security features that provide enhanced security for both the Ethernet network itself and for security systems using the network.

New PoE and power supply options for Magnum 6K rack-mount Ethernet switches, provide additional installation flexibility and platform reliability options in larger installations.