Hunt Private Investigations established to address needs of residents, businesses

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. – April 13, 2011 – A new firm, Hunt Private Investigations, has been established as a full-service private investigation agency designed to help clients prove their cases in court by providing the necessary evidence to help obtain favorable judgments.

Hunt Private Investigations is owned and operated by CEO Bill Hunt, a licensed private investigator with an impressive professional background that includes military, law enforcement, security and investigative experience. His areas of expertise include fraud and identity theft investigations, undercover operations, and interview and interrogation techniques.

"Potential clients come to us because we customize our investigations to meet the specific needs of their case and offer a seasoned team of professionals," said Hunt. "I specifically select which Associate Investigator handles each case based on the associate’s individual experience and expertise to ensure that we’re assigning the best person for the job."

Since becoming a licensed private investigator in 2006, Hunt has handled over 500 cases such as employment background checks, family law investigations and worker’s compensation. The new private investigation agency offers a wide range of services including asset searches, auto accident investigations, political opposition research, child custody investigations, media inquiries, management and executive background checks, enforcement of confidentiality agreements, fraud investigation, embezzlement investigation, sweeps for listening/video devices, trade secrets investigation and fraudulent claims investigation.

At Hunt Private Investigations, clients are guaranteed 100% confidentiality and can be confident that their case is handled expertly by a fully licensed and insured staff with nearly 30 years of experience. In addition, free initial consultations are available.

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