Minuteman launches two-outlet IP-addressable device

Dallas, TX – July 23, 2009 – Para Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of a new two-outlet IP-addressable device that allows users to remotely manage power from literally anywhere in the world. The Minuteman RPM 1521 is designed to eliminate many costly service calls that result in a technician simply rebooting equipment that is locked up. A simple to use interface allows users to send a command via a web browser to cycle poweroff and on, thus reducing downtime and providing a fast resolution to equipment lock-ups. Designed for use with security systems, telephone/VoIP systems, plus servers and network peripherals, the RPM 1521 allows each receptacle to be independently monitored and managed, including scheduled shut-downs and reboots. In addition, each receptacle provides protection from surges and spikes that can damage equipment. The secure browser interface manages user privileges via password protection to prevent unauthorized access to the RPM’s control menu.

The “auto-ping” feature monitors and auto-detects the availability of attached equipment. If no response is detected, the RPM 1521 will notify administrators that an attached device is non-responsive. The user can configure the system to send an SMS text message, broadcast an email, and/or send an SNMP trap notification should the RPM detect a no response condition. It can also be programmed to perform an automatic reboot when equipment has failed and send the automatic notifications that a power event has occurred.

“As we all know, equipment gets locked up for various reasons and requires a simple reboot,” stated Bill Allen, director of marketing for Para Systems. “At a cost of less than $200, the RPM 1521 can quickly pay for itself when attached devices need to be rebooted and you don’t have to send a technician to a remote location to merely cycle power off and then on.”

This new product offering from Minuteman is especially useful for remote offices where IT managers or technical personnel are not on staff, as well as hard-to-reach locations where equipment is mounted above ceilings, on light poles, or on towers outside a facility.

“One of the more unique features of the RPM 1521 is that it offers ‘green’ functionality by utilizing the scheduling feature to initiate ‘power down’ and ‘power restore’ commands at pre-scheduled times, thus saving wasted energy during periods when equipment is not being used,” added Mr. Allen. “That’s yet another way this inexpensive, highly useful device can easily pay for itself.”

The RPM 1521 is currently available for shipment and can be used in conjunction with several models of Minuteman’s line of uninterruptible power supplies that provide complete protection from all power problems, including battery backup during power outages. All Minuteman RPMs and UPSs are covered under their comprehensive three-year warranty. Minuteman products are sold through distributors, VARs and on-line resellers. For more information, visit www.minutemanups.com.