Video analytics company ObjectVideo goes blogging

ObjectVideo, the leader in video analytics technology, announces blogOV, ( a blog that will provide opinion and commentary the latest products, issues and trends in the field of video analytics.

blogOV will give readers the scoop from the leader when it comes to video analytics. Discussions will range from technical to analytical to discussions of market challenges, and readers are encouraged to post opinions, responses and questions.

On blogOV, ObjectVideo and industry contributors will post information and opinions on various topics including government, strategy, solutions and technology. They’ll discuss:

  • the video analytics industry in general and post opinions on specific products (including their own)
  • what the future holds for the video analytics industry and what the technology may look like down the road
  • what they learn from end-users and solution providers

Current contributors include Dave McGuinness, ObjectVideo’s CEO; Brian Baker, head of sales and business development; Paul Brewer, one of the company’s co-founders; Bob Cutting, vice president of product management; Gary Myers, vice president of engineering; Ed Troha, managing director of global marketing and Steve Vermillion, the company’s vice president of government affairs and a former Hill congressional chief of staff.