PlaSec introduces PlaSec Virtual Appliance

ISC WEST, Las Vegas, NV, April 5, 2011 – PlaSec today announced the launch of its PlaSec Virtual Appliance that gives customers the ability to deploy their systems in a virtual environment and, thus, further enhances the uniqueness of the of the world’s first PhysiLogical access control system.

"Deploying an access control system in a virtual environment such as VMware’s vSphere platform eliminates the need for a physical hardware appliance to operate the system, allowing customers who have already invested in virtualization to leverage that investment with their security system design," stated Terry Neely, President of PlaSec. "It's a win/win for all parties, particularly for the system users who can now manage and support their security system in the same manner as they do for many of their other IT related systems. Beyond the tremendous long term cost savings, PlaSec Virtual Appliance provides customers with an alternative approach for integrated PACS as an on-site and in-private cloud solution."

The complete portfolio of PlaSec applications can be deployed in a virtual environment using the PlaSec Virtual Appliance, thus increasing the availability and efficiency of IT resources that no longer need to manage and support traditional servers and related infrastructure.

The scalable PlaSec Virtual Appliance offers solutions for single site, small applications up to multi-regional enterprise deployments operating 1000s of doors and is available through either a perpetual (CAPEX) or subscription (OPEX) software licensing model.
The virtual deployment architecture, available with PlaSec Access Appliance 2.6, will be commercially available through PlaSec’s network of Value Added Resellers with a projected ship date in late April.