PlaSec launches PlaSec Access Appliance 2.6

ISC WEST, Las Vegas, NV, April 5, 2011 – PlaSec today announced the launch of its PlaSec Access Appliance 2.6, the latest release of the of the world’s first PhysiLogical access control system. The release is highlighted by an advanced peer to peer replication architecture, hot standby auto fail-over support, and the ability to deploy the PlaSec Access Appliance in a virtual environment.

"The latest release of PlaSec Access Appliance provides unique and powerful functionality for customers that require fault-tolerant, high-reliability systems and/or systems that operate in a virtual environment such as VMware," stated Terry Neely, President of PlaSec. "Both solutions are cost-competitive, delivering substantial ROI."

The automated grid-based replication architecture of the PlaSec Access Appliance directory structure allows key elements such as Identity-related information and system configuration to be replicated across multiple appliances, adding an additional layer of system reliability and consistency. Uniquely, the replication architecture does not require a dedicated central database server.

A powerful hot standby, auto-failover architecture provides for continuous operations for customers demanding "always on" systems. If a Primary PlaSec Enterprise Appliance fails to function, a second backup appliance automatically detects the problem and assumes system control. The primary appliance re-takes system control upon re-establishing communications and synchronizes the activity that occurred while the backup appliance was on-line.

PlaSec Access Appliance 2.6 supports deployment in a 100% virtual environment, eliminating the need for a physical hardware appliance to operate the system. Operating in a virtual environment, such as VMware, increases the availability and improves the efficiency of IT resources by eliminating the need to manage and support traditional servers and related infrastructure, thus delivering numerous cost savings and increased long term return on investment.

PlaSec Access Appliance 2.6 will be commercially available through PlaSec’s network of Value Added Resellers with a projected ship date in late April.