Sentry View Systems launches SentryPOST

MELBOURNE, FL (March 31, 2011) – Sentry View Systems announces the release of SentryPOST, the first environmentally friendly, completely self-sustaining, remote surveillance, networking, and illumination solution. Unlike traditional remote surveillance technologies that depend heavily on complicated and fragile power grids, SentryPOST is completely self-powered. Wind turbines and solar panels create clean and reliable energy to seamlessly merge wireless, video, surveillance sensors and LED illumination. SentryPOST provides a turnkey, flexible and fully customizable remote surveillance solution to address many applications.

Available for live demonstration in Booth 13143 during ISC West, SentryPOST successfully breaks free from the limitations encountered by other failed border and tower based solutions. Ruggedized to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, and unencumbered by unwieldy power restrictions - SentryPOST provides a seamless platform to support 24/7 situational awareness and continuity of communications.

"The technology behind SentryPOST evolved from a proven installation base of over 450 remote surveillance Sentry View Systems deployments. Our scientists and engineers understand the capabilities and limitations of existing technologies, and the detrimental effect of harsh environmental conditions on sensitive sensors. We knew that a different and clean energy solution was required," says Justin Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of Sentry View Systems. "SentryPOST is the culmination of field experience, solid engineering and a unique understanding of sensor fusion and performance factors within harsh environmental conditions."

Sentry View Systems will be exhibiting SentryPOST along with an array of network, surveillance and custom engineered solutions in Booth 13143 during ISC West 2011. The media and public are welcome, please contact to schedule a demonstration appointment.

- Customizable to site specific needs
- Autonomous 24/7 operation
- Ruggedized and environmentally hardened
- SatCom, wireless or fiber backhaul
- Open Architecture, designed for interoperability
- Numerous sensor options