Pivot3 debuts its new vBank Appliance

04.11.2011– Pivot3, Inc., the leading provider of IP SANs to the digital surveillance market, today introduced the Pivot3 vBank Appliance to address the growing influence of IT in video surveillance environments. The vBank adds compute resources to support more virtual servers, solid state disk drives to extend storage performance across general business applications and bundles VMware vSphere, VMware vMotion and VMware vCenter Server technologies to simplify management.

"Partnering with Pivot3 enables VMware to extend the value of our industry-leading offerings to new customers and growth markets," said Parag Patel, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware. "By bundling VMware vSphere, VMware vMotion, and VMware vCenter Server with its offerings, Pivot3 can bring all of the benefits of virtual infrastructure to its customers while speeding deployment and simplifying installation."

The new vBank appliance provides both local VMware vSphere environments and scale-out storage resources across appliances. Individual vBank appliances can be stacked in a Pivot3 storage and compute STAC to create, protect and load-balance storage across vBank appliances as a highly reliable, high-performance IP SAN. Solid-state flash disks are now available in the Pivot3 vBank Appliance to support latency-sensitive applications.

"High-capacity markets, like digital video surveillance, are driving the need for new storage technology and today, we introduce a new platform that directly addresses storage demands for rich media in a traditional IT infrastructure," said Bob Fernander, CEO, Pivot3. "By embedding VMware vSphere as part of the vBank solution, we can now deliver high-performance virtualized servers familiar to any IT administrator with the high-performance scale-out SAN they wish they could afford."

The vBank is the highest performance solution within the Pivot3 product portfolio and is ideal for mixed IT and surveillance environments. In retail organizations, for example, investments in video surveillance storage can quickly deplete IT and security budgets. A stack of Pivot3 vBanks can support standard back-office applications that share the virtual server resources and shared storage performance available in the surveillance infrastructure. The savings in rack space, power and cooling are up to 40 percent when compared to traditional storage appliances.

“Thinking ‘outside the box’ is what led Pivot3 to its vBank solution, which is an integrated alternative for IT organizations that, operationally and economically, want a common infrastructure for both their surveillance and IT requirements,” said Mark Peters, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Pivot3 is integrating server and storage functionality in much the same way that, decades ago, CPUs integrated math co-processors; one day users simply didn’t need to buy two physical things anymore.”