UPM RFID launches new UPM Belt RFID inlay design

(UPM RFID, Tampere, 11 April 2011) – UPM RFID is introducing a new UPM Belt inlay based on the latest high-performance Monza 5 UHF RFID chip from Impinj. The UPM Belt Monza 5 is a technological advance over the high performance and superior quality of the well-established UPM Belt tags and inlays.

The UPM Belt product primarily targets item-level, logistics and supply chain applications. It meets the requirements of retail apparel
applications due to a compact 3” form factor and special design which take into account RF requirements for close coupling. Close coupling occurs when RFID-tagged items are stacked in close proximity to each other. UPM RFID has been working with renowned independent test facilities, major retail end-users and RFID hardware providers, to test, qualify, and approve UPM Belt tags and inlays for immediate deployment in major item-level tagging applications.

The product is the first ever approved tag with the Monza 5 chip for use in retail applications, and has recently been included in the Approved Inlay List for boxed electronics by the RFID Research Center of the University of Arkansas.

High volume production of the UPM Belt starts in May.

The new UPM Belt products will be featured at UPM RFID’s booth during RFID Journal Live! in Orlando, FL, USA, on April 12-14, 2011.

"UPM RFID is proud to be one of the first companies to bring out a new product based on the Monza 5 IC. The UPM Belt product continues an established pedigree for reliable UPM RFID products offering high performance and quality," says Tero Koivisto, Product Line Director, UHF, UPM RFID.

For further information please contact: Mr Tero Koivisto, Product Line Director, UHF, UPM RFID, tel. +358 400 814