Nationwide Digital Monitoring partners with Visonic

Freeport, NY – Nationwide Digital Monitoring Co. is pleased to announce its commitment to the installation of Visonic’s IP-based alarm receivers. Adding Visonic’s receiving equipment to its product offerings is part of Nationwide's future-proofing strategy to eliminate dependence on disappearing POTs lines and provide easy-to-install, cutting-edge technology
to its dealers. The Visonic IP/Cellular link creates an additional method of wireless communication between NationWide Digital and alarm systems that use the Visonic PowerMax Express and PowerMax Pro series of panels. Visonic’s IP and GSM/GPRS communication enables the panels to transmit alarm signals without the need for phone lines or other hardwired connections. “Cellular capability has become a critical feature of today's alarm systems,” said Mark Fischer, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer for NationWide Digital Monitoring Co. “Our ability to receive Visonic’s IP and GSM /GPRS signals from an already proven great line of Visonic panels allows us to offer even greater options to our dealers and their customers.” With Visonic’s IP and GSM/GPRS technology enabled, PowerMaxExpress and PowerMaxPro panels offer even more features and benefits:

• The standard PSTN communicator field is upgradeable to GSM/GPRS
and IP communications
• Cellular alarm and IP communications eliminate dependence on phone
lines and provides communication path supervision
• Web-based services can be used for remote control of the alarm system
• Up to 14 cameras can be integrated to create a complete IP-based
video alarm solution
• Text messages can be sent to mobile phones
• Primary and secondary communication links to Nationwide’s monitoring center

“Having the ability to combine video, Web access, and SMS messaging along with a supervised communications link with our Monitoring Center will provide an enhanced level of security for both residential and commercial subscribers,” Fischer added. “This is a great selling point for our dealers, and it gives them the added flexibility to customize each alarm system to the individual needs of their customers.” Visonic's PowerMax alarm panels are compatible with a wide range of wireless peripherals including keyfobs, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors, motion detectors, Wi-Fi cameras, external sirens, and more.