Salto Systems launches RFID access control system

Salto Systems has announced the introduction of a revolutionary, new key control access security system unique to the USA. The SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) eliminates the need to replace locks when key or code security is breached due to the loss of theft of keys or codes. It can seamlessly be integrated with an existing IT system to allow key cards and locks to be updated, restricted or deleted remotely.

A building may be accessed without wiring or WIFI infrastructure. All locks communicate with a central PC by using the key cards as their network! This feature eliminates card costs as end users will employ cell phones to access a system.

Salto access control systems are capable of meeting a wide variety of door hardware with a broad range of escutcheons. In addition to locking products, Salto provides solutions for lockers, pharmaceutical cabinets, and a newly released e-cylinder, the SALTOGEO, one of the worlds’ most advanced electronic cylinders.