Mike Newton named president of Dedicated Micros

Company's founder and CEO takes on new strategic role

"As pioneers in the industry, we believe that the CCTV solutions Dedicated Micros, Inc. offer to customers in the Americas such as (Patent-Pending) Closed IPTV - a deterministic IP video product solution that brings the ease of set-up and physical security of a traditional CCTV system to the IP environment - are genuinely groundbreaking and address real issues on the ground.

"Crucially we are able to leverage the benefits of being part of AD Group and its extensive R&D base, a case in point, is privileged access to our Group-owned semiconductor business - Boston-based ChipWrights - allowing the integration of specially tailored Digital Signal Processors into Dedicated Micros' cameras, DVRs and NVRs. This means, in practical terms, that we can keep one step ahead of the competition who have to build their products around the limitations of off-the-shelf silicon whereas for Dedicated Micros, Inc. products are designed from the ground up to meet our specific surveillance equipment requirements."

For more information on Dedicated Micros, Inc. and its latest CCTV products including Closed IPTV please visit Dedicated Micros' booth #821 at ASIS 2010 or log on to www.dedicatedmicros.com.