Paxton releases Net2 Caller ID/GSM reader

Paxton secures their place as market leaders in access control with the introduction of a fantastic new reader that communicates via a mobile phone network. The Net2 Caller ID/GSM reader accepts a phone call and grants access in the same way it would if a card was being presented to a Wiegand based reader. Door access is then granted according to the system configuration.

This means that customers can now open a door at even the most remote sites from any location, without actually having to be present to swipe a card. The Net2 Caller ID/GSM reader is an ideal product for securing access to sites that are hard to reach via telephone lines or hardwired networks. It will save customers considerable amounts of time and money on manned guarding and security call outs.

It’s completely free to call the Net2 Caller ID/GSM reader, once a user’s mobile phone has been registered as a card, you can even register a landline number to call from if that’s easier. This removes the cost and inconvenience of distributing cards to visitors and users that only need to access the site occasionally.

As with Paxton’s other Net2 products, the Net2 Caller ID/GSM reader is an incredibly flexible security solution. User access permissions can be updated in the Net2 software from a PC at the click of a button; deleting a user when access is no longer required ensures your site is constantly protected.

The Net2 Caller ID/GSM reader is a great product for sites that already use networked access control. Offer this product for extra convenience when securing remote or infrequently visited sites, gates and car park barriers or communal entrances. It can even be used to perform triggers and actions like switching power on to lighting, heating, water and air conditioning.

Also NEW! Paxton now provide a ‘total solution’ in Net2, its leading networked access control system. The introduction of Paxton’s new low voltage power supply unit means that US customers can now enjoy an all in one access control solution from a trusted company. The new power supply completes Paxton’s campaign to meet the demand and provide their customers with a total end to end solution. Paxton has designed and manufactured this unique power supply to power all your access control and ancillary devices with 12/24 VAC.