Bill Lawrence joins Sanyo

Chatsworth, CA, April 1, 2009 – SANYO Fisher Company, a division of SANYO North America Corporation announces the appointment of Bill Lawrence as Vice President & General Manager for the Security Products Division. Lawrence served in a variety of leadership positions in the information technology and networking industry for over 25 years. He also is an expert in the field of IP (Internet Protocol) digital video surveillance and physical security convergence.

“We welcome Bill Lawrence as an excellent addition to our management team,” said Isaac Levy, President of SANYO Fisher Company. “His broad security industry experience gives him particularly strong insight into the operational and forward-thinking strategy of SANYO Security Division as we work to develop our line-up and maintain our respected reputation for quality security products.”

“I'm very pleased to join SANYO Fisher Company in this role,” Lawrence said. “I'm familiar with SANYO Security through my contact and work in the security industry and I have the utmost respect for SANYO, their products, and the sales team. The physical security market is changing rapidly with new technologies, new competitors and new customers on the playing field. SANYO has many competitive and compelling products for this new market, such as the VCC- HD4000, Pan Focus and Wide Dynamic Range camera product lines. As we develop our strategy for the Security Products Division, we will be focusing on these new products while emphasizing Sanyo's long history of innovation and leadership in the physical security business. With our industry-leading products and our strong team, I am confident that we will be able to quickly achieve a strong position in the market.”

Lawrence founded Armida Technologies in 2004, creating the industry's first and only network product to integrate analog and digital cameras and other security related systems in an intelligent wireless communications platform. As President and CEO, he led the company to develop, produce and successfully launch this innovative new wireless controller for video surveillance and physical security convergence.