DIGIOP announces new CCTV offerings

DIGIOP Technologies is excited to announce the release of a full line of new and upgraded hardware options including new enterprise and desktop NVR solutions, more robust desktop DVR systems, and a direct connect mass storage device.

"We pride ourselves in responding to customer needs as well as keeping pace with our partner Dell on their product roadmap." said Scott Kemp, DIGIOP's Director of Marketing.

DIGIOP's new offering of NVRs consists of a desktop model (NVR-D) ideal for retail stores, restaurants, schools, banks, and similar locations while the enterprise server grade (NVR-R) product is geared for medium to large enterprise applications where large numbers of IP cameras or analog cameras with encoders are required. The NVR-R is based on Dell's latest R300 PowerEdge server line and optimized for megapixel camera support.

In addition to the new NVR options, DIGIOP is introducing an upgraded line of DVR products in both the existing H-class and S-Class lines. These hybrid recorders are built on Dell's Precision T3400 and OptiPlex 760 chassis and support from 4 to 32 channels and up to 960 images per second. Additionally, these new products are capable of supporting video analytics and integrating with third party applications and devices.

The enterprise NVR as well as many of the new desktop DVRs also can interface with a new mass storage solution, the DIGIOP Video Vault, which is based on the Dell PowerVault direct attached storage product. The Video Vault holds up to 15TB and can be daisy chained with two additional units for a combined capacity of 45TB. 

This hardware release provides DIGIOP customers, and those looking for reliable digital video management solutions, with the platform to benefit from DIGIOP's software releases throughout 2009.

DIGIOP products continue to support IP cameras from leading companies including AXIS, StarDot, D-Link, IQinVision, Arecont, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, ACTi, Bosch, Vivotek, and Sanyo.