LILIN introduces high-speed, mini dome camera

As a large manufacturer developing products for volume sales it is unusual for us to develop niche products, however the IPS-2124 is certainly such a thing.

It is a high specification internal speed dome with integral IR LEDs, so it lends itself to indoor applications where night time viewing is required but someone turned the lights off!

With such a focus on energy conservation these days, perhaps that’s not as unlikely as we first imagined, perhaps there are thousands of cameras operating almost blind out of hours because the lights aren’t on?

This high speed dome has numerous programmable tours and many of the functions can be scheduled to operate differently at different times, so alarm inputs may be switched off during working hours and different patrols set for night time for example.

The IPS-2124 is also classified as a “hybrid” device, offering both analogue video output with traditional RS-485 control plus H.264 IP encoding for use on a network, these can even operate simultaneously so may enable easier migration to IP for legacy systems.

As with all LILIN IP cameras this speed dome incorporates the ONVIF open protocol for interoperability with other ONVIF compliant systems, providing wide compatibility and future proof plug and play protection.

The highly efficient H.264 encoding enables real time frame rates with minimal bandwidth usage plus simple remote viewing by third party devices such as the iPhone and Internet Explorer based browsers.

Every LILIN IP camera is supplied with free 32 channel NVR software for viewing and recording on a standard PC.