Gennum announces new HD video receiver

GV7601 Aviia HD receiver capable of handling video over coaxial cable at lengths up to and beyond 100 meters

About HDCCTV and the HDcctv Alliance High Definition Closed Circuit Television (HDCCTV) embodied in Aviia is built on technology pioneered for broadcast television. Video is transmitted uncompressed and without being encapsulated in TCP/IP, resulting in a system in which a camera can be plugged into a receiving device and video can be displayed with minimal latency and with little, if any, further configuration. HDCCTV operating at 720p provides almost three times the video resolution of analog CCTV, and 1080p provides six times the resolution. In addition, all HDCCTV systems are progressive, eliminating the flicker and blurring associated with conventional analog CCTV systems.

HDcctv Alliance(TM) standards specifications bring all of the benefits claimed by megapixel IP cameras to the CCTV market with the ease of use of conventional analog CCTV equipment. HDcctv Alliance specifications are intended to provide a point-to-point system that will require minimal, if any, additional infrastructure to deploy. New and existing installations can use CCTV industry standard coaxial cable (RG59, RG6 and RG11). HDcctv Alliance specifications permit users to enjoy a drop-in replacement for existing analog CCTV, that would require only a change of camera and receiver. Future revisions of the HDcctv Alliance specifications are expected to be backward-compatible, meaning early adopters will be able to continue to use current HDcctv Alliance compliant equipment as more features are added to the HDcctv Alliance specification.