Dedicated Micros' Closed IPTV solution recognized with 2010 ASIS Accolades Award

Chantilly, VA October 12 - 15, 2010 - Dedicated Micros, Inc. - part of AD Group - is pleased to announce that its revolutionary Closed IPTV, deterministic IP video product solution, has been selected as a 2010 ASIS Accolades Winner for its implementation in the company's SD Advanced hybrid DVR/NVR model.

The ASIS Accolades Awards program is run by ASIS International, in conjunction with ASIS 2010 (Oct. 12 -15), and Dedicated Micros' Closed IPTV SD Advanced was able to beat off stiff competition from over 70 entries to be one of the 10 winners, singled out by the judges, as the security industry's most innovative new products.

According to Dedicated Micros its patent-pending Closed IPTV is designed to bring all of the simplicity and security of a traditional CCTV installation to the IP environment. In practice, with Closed IPTV, for ease of installation, standard or HD resolution IP cameras can be automatically identified by a suitably equipped DVR/NVR - such as the SD Advanced Closed IPTV Model coupled with DM's Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch - as an 'exclusive' point-to-point relationship. Combining patent-pending innovation in the Application layer, with zeroconf (zero configuration) networking technology each camera is assigned a specific network port.

By adopting this completely deterministic set-up Closed IPTV ensures that no intervention is required. In addition, Closed IPTV prevents hacking attacks because the routing of the network video is exclusively managed and tracked through an integrated switch.

This Closed IPTV capability greatly enhances the potential of the SD Advanced DVR/NVR, which is one of the first Dedicated Micros' product lines to offer a model with this functionality built-in. The SD Advanced is also able to deliver other key benefits including: multiple channels of IP and analogue video; HD IP camera recording, HDMI output, embedded analytics and on-board help videos.

Said Mike Newton, the founder of Dedicated Micros and AD Group and the creator of Closed IPTV: "We are extremely pleased that the Closed IPTV version of the SD Advanced has been recognized by the ASIS Accolades Awards program. At Dedicated Micros we see Closed IPTV, which is the result of an intensive R&D process, as having key advantages from the point-of-view of IP video security, ease of installation and on-going operation.

"We have been pioneers of IP video within the AD Group of Companies, through our AD Network Video brand since the late 90's and in fact created the first video transmission device the DVST, in 1991, long before the Internet and, in particular, video over IP networks were possible.

"From a security perspective the fact that, with Closed IPTV, each connected IP camera is locked down within a private network and, crucially, that trusted IP end points can be created, closes the door to those looking to use this as a route to hack into the corporate network. Also, from a practical perspective, there is no longer the frustration of having to manually assign individual IP addresses where mistakes can unwittingly introduce vulnerabilities."

"For the future, Closed IPTV - which will be center stage at ASIS 2010 - should help to open up IP video to security professionals and end users who may previously have been deterred by the potential complexities, and training requirements, from taking this route. At the other end of the scale the more experienced integrators we talk to are attracted by the potential to create secure, segregated, HD IP video networks as part of their enterprise level surveillance solutions."

As well as being an 2010 ASIS Accolades Winner, the groundbreaking nature of Dedicated Micros' Closed IPTV has already helped it to secure the 'Integrated Security Product of the Year' title in the IFSEC Security Industry Awards 2010 at the UK's largest security exhibition. In addition, Closed IPTV is a Finalist in the Security Excellence Awards 2010 to be held in London later this month (October).

For more information on Closed IPTV and the Closed IPTV version of the SD Advanced please visit Dedicated Micros' booth #821 at ASIS 2010 or log on to