FEIG Electronics releases new access control terminal

The ID MAX50.10-xE is an independently-working access control terminal for up to 9000 users. This single, compact device combines the functions of an intelligent controller with Ethernet interface and RFID smart card reader. This unit checks access permissions offline, without a live connection to a host system. The integrated real time clock allows the management of temporal restrictions.

The ID MAX50.10-xE is a cost effective alternative to traditional access control solutions. The fast Ethernet interface (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX) allows an easy integration into IP-based network infrastructures. The AES-encrypted data ensures a high system security and protects against attacks by interception or tampering.

Supporting passive transponder communication with NFC devices, the ID MAX.50-10-xE can examine either serial numbers or user-selectable memory areas of the transponder. The unit also features configurable event memory.

The open software architecture and compatibility with other FEIG OBID  readers allows the device to be easily incorporated into various applications. Typically, this unit is used for industrial and commercial installations and each unit can be a part of a complex access control system with widely distributed access points.

There are two versions currently available:

The ID MAX50.10-RE has an internal relay and is suitable for the control of doors with medium security requirements.

The ID MAX50.10-E is paired with an external relay to ensure maximum security.