Sielox to introduce new security solutions at ISC West

Sielox, Runnemede, NJ, will unveil its newest software version 7, Pinnacle Web, Pinnacle Argos and UPS system at Booth 22077 ISC West, April 1-3, 2009.

Sielox’s Pinnacle version 7 provides scalability from entry level to enterprise with unlimited expandability and complete compatibility with leading 3rd party solutions.

The Pinnacle Web is a completely new product which goes beyond the Windows™ operating system. The Web client can be run on Unix, Linux, McIntosh and PDA’s.

Pinnacle Argos™ integrates access control events with live video and can be deployed from computers running Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.

The Sielox UPS power supply and charger features a configuration of 12 volts/24volts, or 12 volts/12 volts, 12 amps@12 volts or 6 amps@24 volts with fire alarm activation connection to control lock relays in a fail safe or fail secure mode.

Karen Evans, President of Sielox said, “Our unique approach to access control offers seamless integration with products from renowned partners providing an unmatched resource for advanced system design.”