Panasonic unveils new technologies and new system solutions at ISC West 2009

Delivering the best in electronic security systems innovation, all part of "the Panasonic experience"

Las Vegas , NV (April 1, 2009) – The Panasonic name is both a global presence and a part of everyday life that represents a universe of electronic products impacting business professionals and consumers in countless ways. At ISC West 2009, Panasonic System Solutions Company will feature technologies that deliver new levels of systems performance and integration for security professionals worldwide.

Among Panasonic's news at ISC West is the announcement of an innovative imaging technology that further elevates the performance of the company's leading line of video surveillance cameras – the debut of IP megapixel cameras that will redefine the way megapixel cameras are compared, the presentation of a new IP video server solution that empowers system management on a global scale, and a renewed focus on open systems interoperability through partnerships with other industry suppliers. New business operations software integrating video surveillance with point of sale systems will also be featured by Panasonic this year.

“Attendees at ISC West will get a glimpse into what we mean by 'the Panasonic experience',” said J.M. Allain, President of Panasonic System Solutions Company. “It's all about how technology impacts our everyday experiences, improves our lives and becomes a part of who we are. Panasonic technology for the security industry is used around the world to protect people, facilities, and assets. Serving that role depends on continuous research and development, investment of vast resources to translate that knowledge into useful technologies, and close attention to the customer's needs every step of the way.”

Announcements at ISC West 2009 from Panasonic System Solutions Company include:

Panasonic's Super Dynamic 5 (SD5) imaging technology represents t he next generation of imaging technology and is poised to transform what users and integrators can expect from their video surveillance cameras.

The latest additions to Panasonic's i-Pro camera line are the WV-NP502 box and

WV- NW502S dome 3.0 megapixel cameras with mega Super Dynamic technology that combine high resolution with superior image quality. Offering 1.3 megapixel images at 30 frames per second in H.264 format, the cameras also offer streaming of H.264, MPEG and JPEG formats for real-time monitoring and high-quality recording.

Panasonic's newest analog cameras, the feature-rich WV-CP500 series box and

WV- CW500 series Vandal-Resistant Fixed Dome Cameras, offer tangible proof of the benefits of SD5 technology, and of Panasonic's continued commitment to product development related to analog technology.

The PMPU1000 Surveillance System Management Server combines flexibility with video management on a global scale, is able to incorporate analog, hybrid or IP-based video systems, and offers the capacity to link up to 64 servers together to scale up the system.

Panasonic's innovative 3D Image Sensor offers anti-tailgating and other security and access control applications, and can be used in conjunction with our leading biometric iris reader.

Virtual Site Manager is a powerful multi-faceted business tool, offering end-to-end seamless integration of video surveillance and point-of-sale (POS) systems to enable comprehensive management and control capabilities. VSM combines Panasonic's industry-proven Stingray POS workstations with the company's robust and versatile surveillance cameras and digital or network video recorders on an integrated software platform to provide live monitoring with archived recordings of all transaction activities to boost profitability and improve operations.

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