Sielox introduces software key licensing with its PINNACLE access control

SIELOX, Runnemede, NJ offers software key licensing with its PINNACLE access control. Capable of working in a virtual environment, Pinnacle's set of core features, complete compatibility with Sielox 32-bit controllers, and seamless integration provides an unmatched and growing resource for advanced system design.

The virtual environment provider controls where one instance of Pinnacle access control executes dynamically for fault tolerance. Either Pinnacle A or Pinnacle B or Pinnacle C will be running at a particular moment in time with one license.

Pinnacle is Sielox's next-generation, feature-rich event management system. Whether for a small office or a building campus with multiple access security points, Pinnacle systems are available in five configurations – Ultra, Lite, Standard, Plus, and Professional.

Single sign-on allows Pinnacle to be launched via Windows Account Authentication. Pinnacle now offers Windows Authentication in addition to the Legacy Authentication. In Windows Authentication mode, Pinnacle will use a Windows Account mapped to a Pinnacle Account to either start Pinnacle with no login (Windows Authentication present a Legacy Pinnacle Login screen, block the user, or give the user the ability to choose either a Pinnacle or Windows Login (Mixed Mode).