OnSSI announces Ocularis 1.1

Dallas, TX (October 13, 2010) − OnSSI, the leading provider of open-platform network video management software in the Americas, announced today the release of Ocularis 1.1, the latest version of its flagship product.

Ocularis version 1.1 is the latest version of the renowned software platform that puts the information from large video surveillance and physical security systems at the operator's fingertips, using an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that incorporates touchscreen functionality and map-based navigation. This new version includes better performance for greater efficiency and two key new features: Ocularis VideoSynopsis and OpenSight.

Ocularis OpenSight is an add-on to a system that lets users consolidate and share information from video surveillance and other security systems that are outside their own system. It makes the handling of emergency situations much more efficient because first responders and security personnel are better informed and can begin to prepare before they arrive on a scene.

If, for example, a city wants different agencies to integrate certain street views into their own Ocularis systems, or a prison wants the local police station to help keep an eye on things, OpenSight is all they need. A single log-on allows them to see their own systems and these third-party systems at the same time.

Operators can be given access and rights to individual cameras and other physical security alerts in order to get the necessary information in less time. For example, OpenSight users can be assigned the right to view, but not control PTZ cameras to prevent interference with the other system’s operators.

Ocularis VideoSynopsis is an optional embedded module that allows you, within the Ocularis Client view, to view hours of video footage in a matter of minutes or seconds. Powered by and purchasable from BriefCam, VideoSynopsis makes investigation more efficient and offers a huge advantage over standard investigation tools.

"We’re excited at this next stage of growth for Ocularis and the customers who use it," remarked Gadi Piran, President and CTO of OnSSI. "Ocularis is the leading software that takes all the information from your physical security and other facility management components and combines them into meaningful events that can be handled efficiently. Ocularis 1.1 gives users the ability to work even more effectively – and all for the price of a video management system."

General availability and shipping starts November 12, 2010.

For more information on OnSSI, call 845-732-7900, e-mail info@onssi.com or visit www.onssi.com.