Alliance Key Manager to be released in early 2009

November 20, 2008: Olympia, Washington — Patrick Townsend Security Solutions announced today that it would release its long-anticipated Alliance Key Manager appliance in the 1st quarter of 2009. This new key management solution is being developed by a leader in encryption technology, and will provide Enterprise customers, VARs and ISVs an affordable solution for creating, managing, and storing symmetric encryption keys.

Alliance Key Manager deploys on a reliable appliance server that will work in any data center environment. This full function — yet aggressively low priced — solution will prove ideal for managing increasingly critical key management needs under today's tighter budgetary constraints.

"We’ve worked in data encryption for 10 years, and have seen a growing need for better encryption key management. Alliance Key Manager represents a huge step forward in complete security of sensitive data, and it’s a solution we’ll be proud to offer."

• Compatibility: works with all major business platforms, leading encryption applications, and even works with legacy devices connected via serial port.
• Secure Administration: using an authenticated SSL/TLS connection, administrators can configure, manage, import, export, create, and expire keys manually or automatically. Programmable administration makes easy work of many tedious and time-consuming tasks.
• Redundancy and Mirroring: mirrors keys between multiple key management appliances over a secure and mutually authenticated SSL/TLS connection for hot backup and disaster recovery support.
• Time-Synchronized Log: built in logging allows administrators to track all key retrieval, management and system activity. Send reports automatically to central log management, alerting facilities, or SIM products for a timely and permanent record of activity.
• Scalability: works with any number of connected servers or users — with no built-in limitations or additional charges.
• Multiple Key Formats: keys can be retrieved in three formats including Binary, Base16, and Base64 encoded for applications that cannot receive binary information.
• Turn-Key Security: get a complete solution when paired with our own Alliance AES Encryption (priced separately). Or easily pair it with any other encryption application.
• Fully Supported and Warranted: complete hardware and software support included, with an option for 24/7/365 upgraded support.

The company: Patrick Townsend Security Solutions provides data encryption, key management, and compliance logging solutions to Enterprise customers on a variety of server platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM System i, and IBM System z. The company can be reached on the web at, or at (800) 357-1019.