Visonic to debut new PERS solution at ISC West

Tel-Aviv, Israel – March, 2011 – Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless home security and safety systems and components, has announced that at the upcoming ISC West trade show it will present AmberLink (315 Mhz), a new professional personal emergency response and safety monitoring system. With a wide variety of safety and security peripherals, communication interfaces and advanced speakerphones capabilities, AmberLink comprehensively answers central monitoring stations’ needs for an emergency reporting solution. The new AmberLink solution will be on display at the Visonic booth #25045 at ISC West.

"Being able to create and maintain a reliable and understandable voice channel is of utmost importance when initiating emergency calls" says Avi Katz, Product Manager at Visonic. "Support for both PSTN and GSM interfaces linked to different phone numbers enables the AmberLink to establish a clear voice channel even under difficult conditions. Additionally, the sensitive microphone and strong speaker enable even hard-of-hearing people and those with a frail voice to conduct a conversation with the central station."

Designed for people with special needs, the AmberLink is easy to use and supports independent living with a full array of home and personal safety devices to detect dangers such as carbon monoxide (CO), smoke, floods and intrusion, as well as unusual inactivity that may indicate a problem.

As emergency events can occur anywhere in the home or can be caused by varied safety threats, the AmberLink enables a variety of options to create emergency calls. The user can press the console's large “HELP” button or press any of the portable or wearable buttons from anywhere in the premises. Additionally, the AmberLink can automatically initiate an emergency call when it recognizes a safety-threat event.