Team NiSCA to unveil new card printer at ISC West

Somerset, NJ March 24, 2011 - Team NiSCA unveils the NiSCA PR5360LE, a newly designed, high speed, direct to card plastic card printer, based on the NiSCA PR5300 series, at the ISC West International Security Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, April 6-8.

The NiSCA PR5360LE enhances the NiSCA plastic card printer product line with the addition of a professional, single-sided printer that has an optional magnetic stripe 3-track encoding as well as a more advanced IC contact chip and IC contactless encoding.

"Until now, the NiSCA line included an out-of-the-box solution for small organizations and a dual-sided, high-end plastic card printer for large companies. With the addition of the PR5360LE, there is an inclusive line of printers, for medium to large companies that do not have the need for dual-sided but need extra layers of credential security," explains Andrew Peterson, Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing.

The PR5360LE is compatible with the NiSCA PR5302 laminator to offer state-of-the-art patch or edge-to-edge lamination. Mainstream plastic card printers provide an overcoat protection to the card. However, there have been tests to show that this overlay can be stripped and the text can be manipulated with the right chemicals. For this reason, corporations, governments and universities require security lamination. Laminate one side to provide extra security.

NiSCA offers a number of custom and generic holograms for the PR5360LE. Secure holograms help protect against counterfeiting, and make an entire ID system and facilities more secure. The security features built into holograms are very difficult to duplicate and provide ID cards with unique levels of security that can frustrate even the most skilled counterfeiter.

Additional security features that can be added with a PR5360LE printer are UV and micro text printing. UV printing allows the automated printing of the printer's serial and model number, date of printing, variable demographic data and 1 bit monochrome graphics.

"The PR5360LE is affordable. An entry-level price point and the same great performance you expect from NiSCA's professional, high speed printers", states Peterson. "More added security in single-sided printing. The PR5360LE enhances security for organizations that do not need dual-sided printing."