AMAG Technology

AMAG introduces ProxiPen Kit for guard patrol

AMAG Technology announces the launch of a newly updated ProxiPen Kit – now with tags providing a significantly greater read range.

Reliable and effective, the ProxiPen is one of the most robust Guard Patrol Systems available and is used by major security companies around the world. Extremely simple to use, the ProxiPen is favoured as a guard tour verification tool as no operational training is required.

The new ProxiPen Kit includes tags with a much greater read range enabling them to be concealed behind wallpaper, plaster and decorative wall coverings, disguising their presence. In many organisations and public buildings there is a requirement to camouflage security measures, making the new tags within the ProxiPen Kit ideal.

Dave Ella the Chief Technology Officer of AMAG Technology said “Sales of the ProxiPen Kit continue to increase as it is so simple to operate, and when used in conjunction with the TopGuard Patrol software for guard tour planning and data analysis it provides a comprehensive security application. The new tags, with their longer read range just add to the flexibility”.

There is a growing demand for the verification of guard tours and the production of performance reports. The ProxiPen Kit provides all the tools to plan, monitor and analyse guard tours providing complete peace of mind.