Altronix HubWay delivers video and data-plus power over CAT-5 or higher structured cable

Eliminates the need for coax and the cost associated with additional wiring

Las Vegas, NV (April 1, 2009) – Integrated systems operating on a UTP backbone demand design flexibility, and the Hubway Series Video/Data/Power Transceivers from Altronix includes an extensive range of solutions to choose from. The HubWay Series offers a range of models for virtually any system configuration, including 8 or 16 channel hubs with or without integral power, 115VAC or 230VAC inputs, passive (750 ft.) or   active video (up to 3000 feet), and compatibility with AC and/or DC fixed or pan-tilt-zoom cameras. HubWay video/data/power transceivers offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for video surveillance applications, sending centralized UTP video, data control protocols and camera power over a single structured cable, thus eliminating the need for coax and the costs of additional wiring. All HubWay Series products are UL listed.

Leading the line is the Altronix HubWayLD16i active UTP Transceiver Hub with Integral Camera Power. The unit provides 16 camera channels to transmit UTP video, RS422/RS485 data and power over a single CAT-5 or higher structured cable, all contained in a space-saving 1U EIA 19-inch rack mount chassis that can be rack, wall or shelf-mounted. Video transmission range is up to 3000 ft. maximum per channel. The units are compatible with AC and/or DC fixed or PTZ cameras when using Altronix HubWayAv or HubWayDv Video Balun/Combiners. The unit also features individually selectable 24VAC or 28VAC isolated PTC protected outputs rated at 1A each. Additional features include an “OFF” position, AC input power indicator, and video signal and power LED indicators. HubWayLD16i also includes picture and gain control and illuminated master power disconnect circuit breaker with manual reset.

“Our Hubway series provides an efficient, integrated solution for networked systems,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “The Hubway line exemplifies our pledge to provide 'the plus factor' -- technologies that go way beyond our roots in the power supply business and that offer sophisticated integrated solutions to empower the complex system designs typical of modern security technology.”

The Hubway lineup also includes:

HubWay8D passive UTP transceiver hubs with integral power, providing 8 channels of combined video, data and power, and 5 amp total output current. Features include quality video transmission up to 750 feet, RS422/RS485 data inputs, eight 75 ohm video outputs, selectable 24VAC or 28VAC power outputs with OFF position, power LED indicators, an illuminated master power switch, and a compact 1U rack mount chassis.

HubWay16D passive UTP transceiver hubs with integral camera power offers similar features to provide 16 channels of combined video, data and power and 10 amp total output current.

Altronix also offers HubWayLDH8 and HubWayLDH16 active UTP transceiver hubs that utilize external power.

HubSat remote video/data/power accessory modules provide localized power to avoid voltage drop due to long wire runs, and allows video feeds from four cameras to be transmitted on a single structured cable. The 4 and 8-channel HubSat units interface with all HubWay series transceivers and may be installed as stand-alone passive transceiver hubs.

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