Vitek debuts enhanced dome camera line at ISC West

Las Vegas , NV (April 1, 2009) – Vitek Industrial Video Products Inc., an emerging leader of security and video surveillance product solutions, continues to expand and strengthen its dome camera portfolio with the addition of three new models featuring an all-purpose 18-50mm vari -focal lens and two new WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) models, also featuring the 18-50mm lenses.

The VTD-MX1850 Indoor Color Dome Camera, VTD-MVX1850 Vandal Proof Dome Camera, VTD-MVX1850DN Day/Night Vandal Proof Dome Camera, VTD-MX1850-WDR Indoor WDR Color Dome Camera and VTD-MVX1850-WDR Vandal Proof WDR Color Dome Camera are making their debut this week at the Vitek booth.

“Vitek's line of Dome Cameras has been very well received and in response to this overwhelming reception, we are introducing additional models that are designed to meet the needs of even more varied and demanding applications,” said Greg Bier, Director/CEO of Vitek .   “As well, the 18-50mm vari -focal lenses and WDR technology add noticeably to the price/performance ration of our Dome Camera lineup.”

Longer Vari -Focal Lenses Help Fine Tune the View

The new vari -focal 18-50mm auto iris lenses, available on the 550 line Mighty Dome cameras, provide added options for system design and installation in addition to the improved capability for close up imaging and viewing.   High image quality is assured throughout the entire focal range, and the extended length of range is complemented by the design of the dome with its friction fit ball mount camera module that can achieve virtually any viewing angle.   Other vari -focal lenses available in the Mighty Dome Series include a 2.9-10mm model and a 9-22mm model.

Advanced Imaging Technology Improves Picture Quality

The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Mighty Dome Cameras, models VTD-MX1850-WDR indoor model and VTD-MVX1850-WDR vandal-proof model feature the color DPS Pixim Image Sensor that produces images with a high contrast ratio in extremely dark or bright environments.   As well, the award-winning technology helps to eliminate visual noise and delivers the highest resolution, natural color and image clarity.   The cameras offer 550 lines of resolution and may be configured with UTP interfaces, IP connectivity and heater/blower options as well as with 2.9-10mm or 9-22mm lenses.

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