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BRS launches version of its AISight Cognitive Video Analytics software

ISC WEST -- Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs) today introduced the latest version of its AISight Cognitive Video Analytics software, the first analytics solution that works with all Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras. Until now, video analytic products could control only the positioning of PTZ cameras, because the constant movement of the camera renders rules-based systems ineffective. This new release of AISight takes visual input from the various positions of a PTZ camera; automatically learns and stores what activities and behaviors are normal for each view; and generates real-time alerts that notify appropriate security personnel of potentially threatening abnormal behaviors, all without human involvement or training. AISight requires no pre-programming or extensive setup, so customers can have it up and running on large-scale video surveillance networks in just a few days instead of the months required by other products.

The new AISight release offers users considerable operational benefits:

  • Because it automatically learns and stores memories of normal behavior for each camera position when the view of the PTZ camera changes, AISight does not require the "hard-coded" programming that limits the scalability of other products.
  • When the camera moves from one position to another, AISight automatically calls up the memories associated with the new position and applies cognitive video analytics to detect abnormal behavior immediately.
  • AISight saves time and money compared to conventional rules-based video analytic systems. Properly programming even one view from a single camera can take six to eight months, and the time and cost constraints of programming multiple views of PTZ cameras are prohibitive. As a result, PTZ-based analytic systems have remained a niche market.
  • A new Temporal Learning capability enables AISight to understand time of day and thus better understand environmental changes, such as how objects appear in varying lighting throughout the day. With Temporal Learning, AISight can also recognize scheduled events. For example, if a security guard passes through a secured area at a certain time of day, the system will learn his rounds and issue alarms if someone else is walking the round at a different time of day.
  • The user interface now provides more detailed notifications and more complex distribution of alerts to security personnel. This allows AISight to fill the needs of small control centers monitoring 10 to 20 cameras, all the way up to large managed service providers and command centers monitoring thousands of cameras.
  • Users can integrate AISight's Alert Management System with other Incident Management Systems (ISMs) through an open standards API. This allows users to continue using their existing ISMs while realizing the
  • extended benefits of Cognitive Video Analytics.

"AISight's Cognitive Video Analytics technology is based on an 'observe-learn-respond' methodology," said Ray Davis, CEO of BRS Labs. "Now, for the first time, analytics can be applied to PTZ cameras with our new release. The rules-based systems of yesterday are not able to address the complications associated with the constantly moving cameras called PTZs; consequently, these cameras have been relegated to simple sound and motion control. We recognized the expanded use of PTZs by the industry as a cost-saving trend and developed video analytics that work as effectively on these cameras as they do on fixed-position cameras."

AISight is already being used at commercial sites worldwide. Within a week of the terrorist attacks in late November 2008, a major hotel in Mumbai, India, installed AISight and is now upgrading its installation to include PTZ cameras. Other sites upgrading to this latest release include major banks in Brazil, power plants, and a nuclear site in the U.S. AISight has been in use on fixed cameras in the U.S. since December 2007.

"Aberdeen's research suggests high interest and strong growth potential for IP-based video surveillance technologies," said Derek E. Brink, vice president and research fellow for IT Security at Aberdeen. "Given the sheer volume of video data being captured, there are simply not enough eyeballs for effective monitoring, let alone intelligent analysis and correlation. Solutions that can extend the use and scalability of PTZ cameras without extensive programming -- such as the cognitive video analytics software from BRS Labs -- will help to accelerate adoption in this emerging market."

Seamless Integration with Any Video Surveillance Camera

The standards-based AISight software seamlessly integrates with all fixed-position and PTZ cameras and is compatible with a wide range of third-party surveillance applications, data sources, and video-management software and devices. AISight supports the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) for video streaming and a plethora of application and device interfaces, including XML, SOAP, Web Services, JAVA, and Windows.

New Release Availability

The AISight Cognitive Video Analytics software with PTZ support is currently available from BRS Labs or authorized resellers. For more information, contact Behavioral Recognition Systems is exhibiting at ISC WEST, Sands Expo Level 2, Booth #20125.