ADT introduces Select View managed video services

BOCA RATON, FLA. – October 12, 2010 – ADT Security Services today announced the availability of the ADT Select View platform of managed video services to help large and small organizations increase security, manage processes, improve efficiencies and reduce false alarms – with little or no capital investment.

Through ADT Select View, ADT provides the infrastructure needed to supply a range of services using the customer’s existing video surveillance equipment to observe and monitor facilities, employees and patrons. ADT Select View joins ADT’s other managed security services, including intrusion monitoring and access control, to enhance services using most, if not all types of video recording platforms.

John Kenning, president of ADT North America Commercial, noted that ADT is ideally situated to provide this new suite of video services with a newly redesigned managed services monitoring center in Aurora, Colo. supported by ADT’s highly trained staff of operators.

"For our customers, managed video services can reduce the total cost of ownership when considering the operation and maintenance of a system. It can help any size company improve employee safety, optimize guard resources and deter theft," Kenning said. "ADT Select View offers the added value of safeguarding critical infrastructure, supporting regulatory compliance and improving operational efficiencies," he added.

Small, mid-sized and large organizations can benefit from ADT’s video services. By using managed video services, many small to mid-sized organizations can now afford the consistent level of security they need or would like to achieve. Larger organizations can benefit particularly where it may be difficult to staff multiple remote locations. These services can also be used to enhance or replace existing in-house security guards.

"ADT Select View allows an organization to focus on its core business. There is no need to hire employees to operate and maintain the equipment, monitor the system and prepare reports – ADT provides an end-to-end solution for our customers," Kenning added.

Services available through ADT Select View include:

Video Audits – This managed video service takes video to a whole new level, allowing trained operators to view both live and recorded video and associate it with specific alarm events, procedures and policies. ADT can provide reports, complete with attached video and still images, and summarize a location’s performance on a pass-fail basis. The service may also help customers comply with government regulations such as Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and other regulatory requirements.

Video Verification – When an intrusion alarm is received, ADT’s trained special operations professionals at its Aurora, Colo. customer monitoring center can remotely view the customer’s facility indoors or outdoors to determine if the event warrants calling first responders or is a non-critical false positive. These services help reduce the need for security guards and can help save on false alarm fines.

Video Guard Tour – At scheduled times, ADT operators can use cameras to "tour" a customer’s facility looking for open doors, lights left on and suspicious activities. If suspicious actions are noted, the operators notify the customer or law enforcement. This can reduce the need for security guards.

Video Escort – Employees can use their mobile phones to call ADT and request to have an operator watch them as they walk between the parking lot and the facility entrance, especially at opening and closing times. This is ideal for high-risk locations or where employees handle large amounts of cash or other high-value inventory.

Unattended Delivery – First implemented by retailers, this service allows ADT to monitor the delivery of merchandise after regular store hours, eliminating the need for a security guard or other employees to be present. When a delivery driver arrives, he or she can disarm a portion of the alarm system using a code that indicates a delivery is in progress. The ADT operator can view live video of the site, remotely unlock the door and continue to observe the driver until the delivery is complete. If suspicious activity is observed, ADT can notify appropriate authorities including law enforcement.

Video Assist – This service can be helpful for convenience stores, gas stations and other facilities that are open late at night and often staffed by a single employee. If an employee notices a suspicious person in a monitored facility, the employee can push a hidden button and connect to the burglar alarm panel, notifying ADT operators. The ADT operator can view the appropriate cameras at the site and interact with the employee so the suspicious person knows the situation is being monitored.

For more information on ADT Select View, visit the website at www.