Proximex announces Surveillint 5.5

ASIS International 2010, Dallas, TX (Business Wire) – October 12, 2010 – Proximex, the leader in event and information management for both physical and logical security markets, today announced an upgrade to the company’s flagship product, Surveillint. Surveillint 5.5 improves communications outreach and collaboration activities between an organization’s security personnel and other employees and/or internal resources impacted by a security incident.

"In many instances, physical security personnel must join with others inside the organization to bring awareness to and resolve incidents," said Larry Lien, vice president of product management for Proximex. "For example, a power outage at corporate headquarters will probably impact facilities, building employees and local police in addition to the security team. Other employees in operations, IT and building management may require accurate and immediate information to facilities activities. Surveillint 5.5 gives physical security teams the tools to quickly circulate the right information from all integrated systems in order to keep parties informed and, as a result, resolve incidents faster."

Surveillint 5.5 incorporates new and enhanced capabilities that let physical security personnel reach out to and include others within their incident response activities. First, business logic and workflow are now dynamic, that is, they automatically adjust as a situation unfolds based on established policies and procedures. For example, a list of response tasks will change in real-time based on how questions are answered by the operator. In addition, Surveillint 5.5 offers a web browser–based interface for users to remotely view alert information and camera video as well as monitor a smaller, more focused environment.

Surveillint 5.5 automatically includes relevant information from different sources, such as images, URL links and documents stored on web sites and local networks, to be included as part of the incident response. Relevant information could be about the building, such as floor plans, evacuation procedures and contact lists. This information is automatically referenced and displayed as part of the workflow. Even if the information is developed and maintained by other groups, Surveillint will reference and bring these items into context when needed. Operators may attach documents or files, such as .PDFs, Microsoft Office files, photographs and graphics, to incident notes to more accurately portray the incident or clarify response activities to other personnel.

Surveillint now provides even more awareness to security teams by integrating its geo-tracking capabilities with vehicle locator systems. Surveillint already tracks the location of objects through the integration of radar systems and video analytics. In version 5.5, Surveillint adds the ability to track the exact whereabouts of first responder and emergency response vehicles. The location of each resource is updated in real-time to quickly dispatch information to the closest resource. Finally, Surveillint builds on its health monitoring capabilities by providing additional visibility into network outages and health through integrations with full network management systems, such as SolarWinds Orion. By fully integrating with Orion, physical security teams may now be immediately alerted to any network outage or performance degradation that may affect security devices or systems. For example, Surveillint will be informed of the loss of a network link that supports the transmission of video or the outage of an IP camera that resides on the network. Surveillint allows network infrastructure problems to be proactively addressed, thus ensuring that information is available when needed.

Surveillint 5.5 will be available in Q1 2011. For more questions about Surveillint or other Proximex solutions, contact