Proximex awarded patent for EZ Track Technology

ASIS International 2010, Dallas, TX - (Business Wire) – October 12, 2010 – Proximex, the leader in event and information management for both physical and logical security markets, is pleased to announce that it has been granted a significant patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which protects its innovative EZ Track technology. Proximex EZ Track is a major breakthrough for organizations that require subject tracking across multiple camera views and video support for forensic evidence distribution to other security teams and/or agencies for further incident resolution.

"Some solutions are able to receive video from multiple cameras, but they are unable to provide intelligent tracking of subjects across multiple cameras from different vendors," said Ken Cheng, CTO for Proximex. "EZ Track differentiates itself by the ease with which it can track individuals across camera views and the numerous ways it allows video to be used within an organization. This patent demonstrates the innovation and value of EZ Track to companies that deploy it within their security environments."

Proximex EZ Track is the company’s video investigation solution that easily tracks individuals across multiple camera views and different types of video management systems. The EZ Track solution is based on camera topology, which is easier to deploy, setup and maintain and does not require the use of video analytics. Video from multiple different cameras and vendor systems can be viewed from a single console and the subject’s video track can be displayed, stored, replayed, and exported along with digital signatures. A full, detailed video track report along with video clips can be created and packaged up to be reviewed by investigators. Operators can track subjects backwards in time or locate in real-time, so first responders can quickly reach subjects. Subjects can be viewed on a map and watched seamlessly between recorded and live video, then all associated video clips may be stitched together to form a continuous video sequence and used for forensic evidence.

For arenas, stadiums, convention centers and airports, EZ Track exports video clips from multiple cameras and generates tracking reports that detail all camera IDs, video images and maps viewed during incidents. EZ Track eliminates the need for security personnel to memorize camera IDs and locations or manually search recorded video clips. EZ Track has helped organizations that use video to speed subject apprehension, support legal action for liability purposes and distribute clips to other teams/agencies for further incident resolution.

The company has several other patents and patents pending.