OnSSI announces enhancements to Ocularis platform

Intelligent video software speeds detection, analysis and response

-- Multi-parameter Motion Detection zeroes in on specific motion behaviors based on the size and speed of an object.

-- Automatic or manual push live video alerting facilitates “blank screen” monitoring of filtered events.

Ocularis' bookmarking functionality and dynamically updated shared alert database streamline shared handling of incidents. Multiple operators at different locations can collaborate by accessing alerts and bookmarks for status updates, to comment or to build a case.

“Management of physical security information is all about providing information to the user in a format that enables him or her to react and respond to that information in an efficient and extremely timely manner,” said Piran. “That's what Ocularis does, and the uniqueness of the unified Client is in how it does the job – efficiently, smoothly, elegantly and in a way that anticipates the needs of the user. Our open platform expands the possibilities of how this system can transform the market.”

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