New Panasonic server handles IP video on a global scale

Las Vegas, NV (April 1, 2009) – Panasonic System Solutions Company introduces a new video management server that provides flexibility and scalability for a range of video networking needs, up to and including creation of a global system with universal cross-network access to video. Panasonic’s new PMPU1000 is a Surveillance System Management Server that can accommodate 1,023 devices in an IP-based digital system. Features include flexibility to mix analog and IP devices, a user-friendly administrative console, and a satellite feature enabling 64 stand-alone servers to be linked into a global system. The PMPU1000 server can handle up to 2,048 cameras and 512 monitors in an analog or hybrid configuration with a matrix system or digital video recorder (DVR).

“This new server is flexible enough to fit many different system applications and configurations, which reflects Panasonic's goal to provide system solutions that best meet our customers’ changing needs,” said J.M. Allain, President of Panasonic System Solutions Company. “The ability to implement hybrid configurations enables users to take advantage of the latest networking equipment while preserving their investment in legacy equipment and also enabling them to expand operations on a truly global scale.”

Panasonic's PMPU1000 Surveillance System Management Server accommodates a range of devices, from matrix switchers, DVRs and analog cameras to IP cameras – whether pan-tilt-zoom, fixed dome or fixed box – and various network recorders. There are three built-in network interfaces and a redundant server option. The system supports Panasonic's PFW950 Management Software, and WJ-ASC960 upgrade software is available to add satellite and IP functions. The PMPU1000 also supports up to 1,024 alarm inputs and various alarm source types and management, and up to 1,024 event schedules.

“Our new Surveillance System Management Server firmly positions Panasonic at the forefront of innovation related to networked video systems,” said Mr. Allain. “Customers are looking to take a system solutions approach to managing video enterprise-wide, and our new server provides integration capabilities that can accommodate that need, whatever the current system is or whatever they want it to look like in the future.”

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