Secura Key launches mid-range contactless reader

CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA - Secura Key announces the availability of the e*Tag ET9 Midrange Reader (ET9-RO-W-MR). This ISO 15693 compliant reader creates a whole new product category of cost-effective extended read range products for the contactless smart card reader market.

Secura Key’s newest e*Tag product provides up to an 8” read range for the same price as comparable wall-switch style readers. The ET9 Midrange requires only 100-200 mA of current at 5-14 VDC, making it compatible with most access control panels without requiring an expensive separate power supply. Typical low-wattage contactless readers in the $100-300 price range provide a 3”-5” read distance, while high-wattage readers in the $800 – 3000 price range provide 18”-36” of read distance.

The ET9 Midrange Reader is designed for outdoor applications such as parking, for indoor wall-mounted applications using a standard j-box, and its extended read distance allows it to be mounted behind glass for entry door applications.

The ET9 Midrange Reader features a new low-profile housing design with gently curved sides and a stylized S embossed into the faceplate, which will be used for all future e*Tag reader models. The housing measures 6” x 6.2” x 0.95.”

The ET9 provides a standard SIA Wiegand interface, compatible with the Secura Key SK-ACP 2-door access control panel, or any standard access control panel.

The ET9 Midrange Reader reads Secura Key e*Tag® cards with 26 or 32-bit encrypted Wiegand data, for access control applications. It can also be factory configured to read the card or tag UID, transmitting 26, 32 or 64-bit data.

The ET9 Midrange Reader uses state of the art microcontroller technology based on Luminary Micro’s Stellaris ARM Cortex M3 processor. This powerful platform will allow future enhancements to the ET9 product line.


e*Tag cards use open standard ISO 15693 Contactless Smart Card technology, including TI HF-1, Philips I-Code-SLI, ST Micro LRI, Infineon My-D and My-D Lite. These transponders are available as imageable ISO CR80 cards, rugged keytags, or as adhesive labels with data storage capacity ranging from 512 bits to 10 kbits.

Contactless Smart Card technology is ideally suited for access control, time and attendance, membership/loyalty programs, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, ePurse, and many other applications requiring secure and reliable cards with additional data storage capabilities.

About Secura Key
For over 35 years, Secura Key has manufactured access control and RFID products, pioneering the use of new card technologies in the security industry. Reader technologies include contactless smart cards, proximity, and other leading technologies. Secura Key’s modern card/tag production plant is expert at packaging a wide variety of Access Control and RFID transponders in durable plastic packages, featuring 4-color graphics, custom form factors and encrypted data.

Secura Key’s manufacturing plant and general offices are located in Chatsworth, California. Further information on Secura Key is available at