Morse Watchmans adds two new sizes to KeyWatcher cabinet line

Las Vegas, NV (April 1, 2009) – This year at ISC West, Morse Watchmans is introducing two new sizes to their leading KeyWatcher line of key management solutions. Like all KeyWatchers, the new models provide a modular, scalable system that is interoperable with access control and other systems, in addition to providing control over who can remove a key. Advanced communications capabilities enable users always to know who removed any key and when it was taken.

"Designing and engineering new key control solutions is at the core of our business," said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. "As our flagship product, KeyWatcher sets the standard of quality and innovation for all Morse Watchmans products."

New 9-module and 2-module KeyWatcher illuminated cabinets expand the range of choices available to maximize storage, convenience and value. Morse Watchmans' KeyWatcher line also includes 1, 3 and 6-module illuminated cabinets that can accommodate modules for storage of keys, credit cards or small items such as cell phones or weapons. These modules can be customized in any combination in the various cabinet sizes, and users can customize their own cabinet system online using the KeyWatcher Configurator at

The KeyWatcher cabinets, rugged enough to resist abuse and wired with a tamper-proof mechanism, are secured using a built-in keypad and up to 2,000 assignable user codes with PINs (personal identification numbers). Security managers can assign one of five levels of access to each employee. An illuminated screen features two 16-character lines to display messages and user prompts for various functions, including removal and replacement of keys.

Keys are secured to a Morse Watchmans SmartKey locking mechanism with an identification chip for additional security and functionality. When a SmartKey is inserted into a KeyWatcher key slot, identification chip data is stored and then retrieved after a key is properly accessed. A user can only access keys from the cabinets with a proper user code, assigned by their security managers. The Random Key Return feature allows keys to be returned to any open location in the cabinet, and the system will remember the new location for that key.

KeyWatcher sounds an alarm if anyone tries to gain access, force the cabinet door open or dislodge a key with force; if an invalid user code is entered three consecutive times; if the door is left open for more than 10 seconds after use; if a key is missing, not returned on time or returned by the wrong user; or if there is a power outage.

Designed for use with KeyWatcher, Morse Watchmans Key-Pro software is a PC application that lets system managers establish permission levels for each User Code and monitor data from any desktop connected to the network. The software can run activity reports, sort based on various criteria, view and print reports, and generally provide an audit trail of the time and date of every key accessed by a user for a given time parameter.

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