Xtralis Awarded Multiple Honors at ISC West 2011

Las Vegas, NV (April 7, 2011) – Xtralis, the global leader in developing very early warning smoke detection solutions, today announced it was honored for a second year in a row at the ISC West 2011 New Product Showcase (NPS).

OSID by Xtralis was the prestigious winner of the ‘ Judge's Choice Award' this week. OSID, Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection, overcomes the weaknesses of traditional detectors used in large, open spaces where only standard sensitivity detection is required. In its simplest configuration, OSID uses one imager, a camera-like device with a wide field of view, and a wired or battery-powered emitter roughly aligned on the opposite wall within the protected area. The emitter sends both infrared and ultraviolet coded light signals to the imager. If the light reception is altered due to the presence of genuine smoke particles, the imager will go into alarm. The novel use of dual light frequencies in an open path device enables OSID to discriminate between real smoke and other objects, including solid objects, insects, steam and dust, thus drastically reducing false alarms.

VESDA ECO by Xtralis was awarded ‘Best in Detection Controls, Devices and Sensors Award '. VESDA ECO offers a new approach to gas detection by providing active, wide-area air sampling to detect dangerous levels of hazardous and toxic gases. Built on the proven VESDA aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system, VESDA ECO overcomes the fundamental limitations of fixed-point gas detectors to ensure early and reliable gas detection in a wide range of environments.

"We are pleased to be recognized for our innovation and commitment to the public safety market through our efficient and cost-effective smoke detection solutions," said Ian Ehrenberg, Senior Vice President and General Manager - Americas of Xtralis. “Xtralis ' well-designed products deserve the acknowledgement, and Xtralis applauds our engineering and development staff."

Now in its 31 st year, the New Product Showcase (NPS), held each year at ISC West, is sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA) to recognize innovative products, services and solutions in electronic physical security. Technologies showcased through this program are used in the protection of life and property in residential, commercial and institutional settings.  This year's competition included 85 entrants and was judged by a panel of judges comprised of dealers, specifiers, end-user companies, distributors and practitioners with a minimum of 10 years industry experience. More information about the New Product Showcase is available at www.siaonline.com