Dedicated Micros expands closed IPTV range with new ip video products

ompany unveils new IP video products which expand Closed IPTV, deterministic, safe and secure IP video series

“At the entry level we see the EcoSense NVR as an ideal starting point for security integrators who are looking at robust, embedded networked CCTV solutions for the first time or want a solution with reduced set-up time and enhanced ease of use. The fact that the EcoSense NVR is part of the game changing Closed IPTV means that a completely secure network of video over IP products can be readily created, where IP cameras are automatically identified and configured by the NVR as a point to point relationship - just like an analogue system. Once configured, the closed IP network can be totally locked down by a number of automatic firewall provisions and 'Trusted Endpoints' established without the need for any network knowledge."

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