Sony launches new series of network surveillance recorders

LAS VEGAS, (ISC West 2011 Booth #15099) Apr. 6, 2011 – Sony Electronics revealed today a new line of Network Storage Recorders. The new eight-channel NSR-S20 series and 16-channel NSR-500 series join the entry level four-channel NSR-S10 series and the flagship 64-channel NSR-1000 series to complete Sony's extensive lineup of HD network video recorders.

The NSR-500 features a hard disk drive (HDD) with built-in scalable storage capacity of up to 12TB, and which are capable of simultaneously recording and storing video from up to 16 Full-HD network cameras for an extended period of time. The NSR-500 Network Camera Recorder is capable of recording Full-HD video images at the rate of 30 frames per second (fps).

The NSR-S20 Series is a Network Camera Recorder equipped with a HDD with maximum two-TB storage capacity, all housed inside a compact unit. This storage device can record high-resolution Full-HD video from up to eight channels. The device's slimmer body requires approximately just one-quarter of the footprint of conventional Sony models .

These new models are feature-rich and including the built-in large-volume storage capacity HDD for Full-HD recording, and multi-channel capability. Sony will be actively promoting these devices for use in retail stores, distribution businesses, financial institutions, buildings, offices, factories, as well as for surveillance in city streets - an application that has been on the increase in Japan recently.

Special Features of the NSR-500 Series

  • High reliability with RAID

•  Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) levels 0, 1, 1+0, and 5 are supported. Hot spare functionality is also supported for RAID5, achieving high reliability.

  • Layout-creating function

•  The layout-creating function can be used to easily create an original hybrid layout on the screen. A map or sketch can be placed in the background, overlaid by a monitor frame for the given location, and icons of cameras or other images can also be arranged on the screen.

  • Simple settings

•  Automate settings such as the IP addresses of cameras.

  • Automatic layout switchover

•  This function enables the device to automatically switch between layout displays at certain times by pre-designating the desired settings.

•  A layout “Tour” is also possible.

  • Audio recording and playback also possible

•  Audio playback requires an audio amplifier and speaker (both sold separately).

  • Export functionality for recorded images
  • User management functionality

•  Detailed changes can be made to the individual settings as well as to the operating authority assigned to each user.

Special Features of the NSR-S20 Series

  • Support for both single-screen display and 4-section split screen display

•  It is not possible to display video from all 8 cameras simultaneously.

  • Auto-scan function

•  This function automatically changes the screen when in single-screen mode, or switches the screen between 2 patterns when using the 4-section split screen display.

  • Audio recording and playback is also possible

•  Audio playback requires an audio amplifier and speaker (both sold separately).

  • Live monitoring and playback are also possible with Web Viewer
  • Simple settings

•  Automate settings such as the IP addresses of cameras.

  • Export functionality for recorded images
  • Infrared remote control unit supplied
  • Equipped with security slot (Kensington lock)