Single locker module now available for Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher

Dallas, TX (October 12, 2010) – At this week's ASIS Show, Morse Watchmans is demonstrating an added means of configuring the KeyWatcher ® cabinet to allow for storage of small items. The SmartKey Single Locker Module can be integrated into any of the KeyWatcher cabinets to hold documents, CDs, weapons, cell phones, and other smaller objects.

“ Now we're able to offer even more options and flexibility to users ,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “ Key control systems that can be configured to store and control access to small devices, complete with an audit trail to record when a locker was opened and by whom, are an ideal complement to a physical security strategy .”

The SmartKey Single Locker Module can be integrated into a multi-module KeyWatcher along with card, key and two-locker modules to provide complete customization for the user. It can be set up as a personal storage space with controlled access for one or multiple users and is ideal for use in law enforcement, parking garages, educational and medical facilities and other similar security applications.

The locker can be accessed only with an authorized user code and any time the locker is opened, the activity is recorded. In addition, a door left open, the use of force to gain access, a power failure or even the misuse of the keypad will trigger an alarm and record the event in the log file. As one module in a KeyWatcher, th e SmartKey Single Module Locker is controlled by a single console and monitored by the Key-Pro ™ Software, a PC application that offers extensive management reporting capability as well as a scheduling tool that automatically downloads all data to a secure PC.