Ex-Pelco VPs form consulting firm for industry, investors

A team of former executives from Pelco, the world's largest manufacturer of video security products, have started a Product Marketing, Engineering and Process Management consulting company called Clovis-Associates LLC, based in the Clovis/Fresno, California area. While this is a new firm, it draws on decades of experience and proven sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering and operations success within the video and security industry.

Clovis-Associates' very deep understanding of the security market uniquely positions them to help manufacturers and investors in developing winning product strategies as well as solutions for, marketing, sales, and world class customer service.

Dave Smith, former Vice President Marketing; Bill Arbuckle, former Vice President Engineering, and Joe Olmstead Jr., former Director of Marketing Communications, and a network of other professionals, have banded together to help global companies succeed in the multi-billion dollar security and surveillance markets.

"Clovis Associates is a unique product and business development resource focused exclusively on the electronic security industry”, said Smith. “With the typical client / business consultant relationship, a great deal of time and money is spent educating the consultant on the dynamics and needs of the market.  By specializing in the products and markets we know, we can provide value right from the beginning. We minimize the learning curve, and can get right down to attacking the problem.”

Services include Product Evaluation and Development, Product Management, and Marketing, Product Documentation, Sales Channel Development, Advertising, Graphic Design, Creative Writing and Operations assistance.

For more information please visit the firm's Website at www.clvac.com or contact Joe Olmstead Jr. at Clovis-Associates, jolmstead@clvac.com or by phone at 888-488-0696 ext 103