Toshiba introduces first wireless two-megapixel IP video surveillance camera

DALLAS, TX, October 11, 2010 (ASIS International) -- Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video, a business unit of Toshiba America Information, Systems, Inc., today expanded its leadership role in the development of network-centric video surveillance products by unveiling its first wireless two-megapixel IP camera, the IK-WB16A-W.

"Megapixel resolution enables a single IK-WB16A-W to wirelessly capture overviews of very large indoor areas, such as shopping malls or casinos, as well as high detail situations including close-ups on individual faces or items being checked out by a cashier," said Sergio Collazo, Director of Sales & Marketing, Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video.

Equipped with IEEE 802.11n wireless connectivity and a versatile Pan, Tilt, and digital Zoom, the camera gives installers greater freedom to mount wherever detailed video surveillance is required, including areas not wired with coaxial or CAT cabling. Once installed, the camera's live video can be viewed and camera movements controlled by either a network linked PC, notebook or viewed via Internet-ready cell phone.

The IK-WB16A-W supports simultaneous quad streaming of MPEG-4 and MJPEG video in a variety of resolutions to provide both higher quality and optimal bandwidth efficient compression formats. A maximum of ten clients can simultaneously access live video plus record video directly onto a PC hard-drive or NVR. Additionally, the camera features a Micro SD card slot for local storage in the event of connection failure or tampering.

PoE Version Available
Toshiba is also offering a non-wireless version of the IK-WB16A-W equipped with PoE to allow it to be mounted in locations not adjacent to a power outlet. Its product number is IK-WB16A.

Key to both camera's image clarity is an advanced 1/3.2" CMOS progressive scan sensor that delivers flicker-free, ultra-sharp color video up to 30 frames-per-second without picture blur. User-selectable resolutions range from megapixel 1600 x 1200 to cell-phone size 176 x 144 pixels. There is also a 4X digital zoom to take advantage of higher resolution settings.

Compared to competitors' two-megapixel cameras, the IK-WB16A-W and IK-WB16A are far greater values. Not only do they cost less, but the packages includes free versions of Toshiba camera recording software that enables video recording, exporting and uploading; motion detection and alarm recording; auto pan (±175°) and tilt (+90° to -35°); and 2-way audio communications. Camera licenses are included with no re-occurring annual software upgrade fees, making the IK-WB16A-W and the IK-WB16A the most cost-efficient cameras on the market today.

Both the IK-WB16A-W and IK-WB16A ship fully assembled ready to install and are backed by a three-year warranty. Optional mounts and housings allow the cameras to be safely installed outdoors.

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