Intransa announces new product features

Access control, video analytics and video surveillance to run simultaneously on latest Intransa appliances

DALLAS, TX – October 12, 2010 Intransa , the VideoAppliance company, has announced several new product features within its award-winning physical security appliance family including VSA Multi-Mode, VSA System Center, VSA Energy Manager and the VSA Tiered Availability.  The latest Intransa feature enhancements allow customers to simultaneously mix and match video surveillance, access control and video analytics on a single, scalable appliance for a complete, best-of-breed solution while eliminating the complexity and cost of commodity server and storage systems.

To maximize the latest certifications to Intransa's SELECT and SELECT ELITE program, the company has introduced key features to its patented Video Data Management and Retention (VDMR) technology.  New additions to Intransa VDMR technology include:

· VSA Multi-Mode, which enables security customers to choose a Duo-Mode appliance model to replace one commodity server and supporting storage system with an appliance that runs access control, video analytics or video management software.  Tri-Mode appliances can mix and match applications, replacing two servers and supporting storage.  The new Flex-Mode choice allows a single appliance to replace three, four or more commodity server and storage systems.  Customers can run multiple VMS, access control or video analytics applications simultaneously, and dramatically shrink hardware requirements, installation complexity and operational cost.

· VSA System Center, which enables multiple appliances to be deployed and added for near limitless growth, and managed simply and easily with a single, powerful interface.

· VSA Energy Manager, which enables security customers to reduce their energy consumption for long term archival of video and data.  One or more storage volumes can be selected to auto-spin down after a set period, reducing typical energy consumption by approximately 40 percent.  The archived video remains available within 10 seconds or less of required playback or access.

· VSA Tiered Availability, which recognizes that while all video and data retained is important and must be protected and available, some environments cannot sustain any interruption in access to the recorded video (such as a maternity ward in a medical center, or some applications in law enforcement, border security, or manufacturing).  Other portions of the same facilities (such as the loading dock or parking lot) can opt for a less expensive solution since they need video protection, but can sustain short delays in playback in the event of  a system issue.  Intransa VDMR supports tiered Fault Resilient and High Availability configurations to easily meet these kinds of requirements, and it does so in a single appliance.

The enhancements are in addition to current VDMR features, which include Intransa's patent-pending Video Surveillance Optimization (VSOP) that improves long term recording and playback performance, the Video System Administrator (VSA) graphical user interface that ensures out of the box auto-installation and simple ongoing operation, and the powerful VSA Storage Manager that offers advanced software RAID protection against data loss, hot-swap components, and plug in expansion capabilities without a halt to operations. 

The Intransa VideoAppliance products that support some or all of these new VDMR features are found in the Maximum Simplicity and Maximum Flexibility product families.

Maximum Simplicity

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