Avocado Security launches version 3.0

Offering includes security monitoring plus business intelligence capabilities

WASHINGTON, DC (April 1, 2009), Avocado Security, the world’s pioneer of the first On-Demand Security and BI Optimization Platform, today announced the release of “Avocado Security version 3.0”. The pioneering platform technology further provides a turnkey software solution and integrates scores of CCTV security cameras and surveillance DVRs, irrespective of the device brand, functionality or when it was manufactured. Avocado Security’s technology helps squeeze the most out of existing CCTV surveillance systems by employing the client’s exiting security cameras and DVRs, and then converts security images into meaningful graphs and charts that deliver solid Business Intelligence (BI) to support continuity of operation.

Avocado Security delivers tangible value to multiple departments like Security, Sales, Marketing and Operations. End Users will benefit from real-time Security + Business Information metrics being delivered specific to a security event. In addition, Avocado Security’s platform enables flexible deployment of integrated security from the security cameras, to wiring closet, and to the DVR.

“A few years ago we revolutionized the enterprise mobile security market with the Push-Pull technology concept. Our pioneering and bi-directional platform became the standard for the mobile enterprise security industry. We are now delivering Push-Pull technology for the physical security industry, helping our clients to make prudent decisions and capture tangible results,” said Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of Avocado Security. “Having developed more than 100 APIs to enjoy compatibility with various security DVRs, we are building on a Client/Server relationship that enables complete control of your security system. With Avocado’s pioneering platform that employs Push-Pull technology, we talk to cameras and DVRs, irrespective of their brand, make or model, which in turn allows our clients to enjoy greater results, maximum use of their security system, and to run an optimized and efficient operation.”

Avocado Security’s technology delivers BI with security images by taking the video images from surveillance cameras and translating them into intelligent, usable, business data and statistics.

Avocado Security enhances video analytics and converts video surveillance monitoring results from the existing security equipment that comes from one vendor, or from multiple equipment vendors (GE, Honeywell, Bosch, Siemens, Milestone, Nice etc.) and translates those images into usable data. One of the many key technology advantages is that it is security video surveillance device (DVR) agnostic, which enables clients to leverage more life and usage out of their existing security system and infrastructure.

Additionally, Avocado Security’s platform significantly increases Security Lifecycle Management (SLM) and resources by offering clients access to billions of security images, while reducing access time, and confirming 100% uptime for all security sensors. Examples of data that can be provided include, the number of times an elevator door opened, or the high level of traffic at a particular entrance or exit, or, if more traffic is at the loading dock of a hotel, than at the front entrance lobby. By looking at security monitors and images alone, such information and Business Intelligence (BI) cannot be extracted.

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