VidSys creates convergence 'center of excellence' in Virginia

Multi-vendor demo center shows tie-ins across variety of security system platforms, software and hardware

In addition, a number of vendors have posted information on the recently launched portal, a thought leadership site dedicated to discussing the most pressing PSIM topics, including issues focusing on integrating PSIM into the structure of existing or yet-to-be-built command centers. Visitors can also find resources that are helpful in making the case for PSIM, including links to webinars, white papers and related supporting topics.

Continuing on its mission to educate the market, VidSys is also chairing several educational sessions at ISC West next week with panelists from IBM, BAE Systems, Cisco, Coleman Technologies, Hunt BI, Motorola, Northrup Gumman, and xpt².

• DI42: Physical Security Information Management – April 1 at 3:00 PM – This panel will answer the question what is PSIM?, providing examples on how it is being used today and how to deal with the technical challenges related to implementation.
• EU36: A New Model for Incident Management – April 1 at 4:00 PM - This panel will look at how organizations can utilize new technologies to streamline collection, analysis, response and communications, and how the integration of intelligence into these systems allows for more effective incident management.
• EU24: Securing Critical Infrastructure - Thursday, April 2 at: 1:00 PM - This panel presentation will look at the requirements, key considerations, and best practices for ensuring a secure, safe, and reliable physical security information system for such organizations.

To learn more about VidSys, its Convergence Center of Excellence or to schedule a tour, call 877.VidSys1.