Ingersoll Rand rolls out aptiQ smart card from Schlage

CARMEL, IND. – October 12, 2010 – Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies today announced that its new aptiQ (pronounced ap-teek' ) smart card from Schlage, using MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology, provides a higher level of security, more convenience, and far greater functionality than proximity cards for a comparable price.  In addition, aptiQ smart cards from Schlage have the ability to manage access, payments and many other functions.

“Organizations need smart credentials that work for them today and give them the flexibility to add applications in the future,” emphasizes Raj Venkat, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies vice president, marketing.  “After all, today, it is simply too easy for unauthorized people to duplicate and use another person's proximity card.  aptiQ smart cards from Schlage provide them with a way to increase the security of their access control solution today while providing a pathway to other smart credential applications, ranging from company cafeteria charges to checking out equipment.”

Unlike proximity cards, aptiQ smart cards from Schlage, using MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology, offer several different layers of security, including mutual authentication, which ensures that the reader and the card are allowed to talk with each other before any information is exchanged.  aptiQ smart cards from Schlage also provide AES 128-bit encryption, a key encryption technique that helps protect sensitive information.  They also supply diversified keys, which virtually ensure no one can read or access the holder's credentials information without authorization.  A message authentication code (MAC) further protects each transaction between the credential and the reader, ensuring complete and unmodified transfer of information, helping to protect data integrity and prevent outside attacks.

“Organizations, for the most part, understand the importance of a one-card solution,” adds Venkat.  “Today, although organizations might be using proximity, they are quickly migrating to smart credentials because they can incorporate a multitude of applications on a smart card more easily.”

According to Venkat, besides access control, popular smart credential applications include identification, supplies check-out verification, company cafeteria charges, access to recreational facilities, charge privileges at various locations, admission to events, transit passes, access to services, bankcards and holding a biometric template.

aptiQ smart cards from Schlage are now available.  At ASIS, Ingersoll Rand Security is located in booth 2333.  For more information on aptiQ smart cards from Schlage, interested parties can go to .