Sarnoff launches VerifIR portable concealed object detection system

PRINCETON, NJ – October 8, 2010 – Sarnoff Corporation today announced the launch of VerifIR, a first-of-its-kind portable concealed object detection system that fuses real-time visible and infrared video footage to create a superior picture without image separation.

In recognition of this ground breaking technology, ASIS International has selected VerifIR as a top ten winner of its ASIS Accolades, an award that recognizes the security industry's most innovative new products, services, and solutions.

"We feel that we’ve perfected video fusion with a fast, effective, and low-cost system that offers security personnel the detection capabilities of IR with the detail of visible light and with none of the video distortion of other fused solutions," said Mark Clifton, Sarnoff’s Acting President and Chief Executive Officer. "We’re proud to launch VerifIR to such meaningful acclaim and recognition from the security technology community."

VerifIR can digitally detect and image hidden threats with its IR capabilities while also imaging details such as the subject’s face, hair, or clothing pattern from distances of 40 yards or more. With additional options such as zoom and remote control, VerifiR is ideal for detecting hidden weapons, IEDs, or other threats in large gatherings, sporting events, and high-profile events.

In addition, the system can replace analog or digital cameras in existing legacy installations and has an optional printing function so that users can print multiple snapshots of an image or save it to a file and send it to an interdiction team’s smartphone or PDA.

Sarnoff will be demonstrating VerifIR at ASIS International 2010 from October 12-15 in booth number #6009.

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