Sarnoff, ePortation to demonstrate Glance iris identity verification system at ASIS 2010

PRINCETON, NJ AND PHILADELPHIA, PA– October 11, 2010 – Sarnoff Corporation and ePortation today announced a joint live demonstration during ASIS 2010 of the new Glance iris recognition system for high-speed biometric identification at ports and other critical infrastructure. The demonstration will be held continuously during show hours at the Dallas Convention Center, October 12-15 in Sarnoff’s booth, number 6009.

Using Sarnoff’s proven iris image capture system that quickly images the iris of a person in motion and at a distance, the system offers high-speed and highly accurate identity verification even in the harshest outdoor climates. While other iris scanning technologies require users to stop or closely stare into a scanner, Sarnoff’s technology works differently. It verifies identities in seconds, at an arm’s length distance, allowing quick and easy access.

Together with ePortation's industry-leading, real time access and rule management solutions, the system allows a facility to be secured according to local policies while linking together multiple site locations for an overall, global view of access activity. This real-time information is seamlessly made available to security administrators and off-site fusion centers.

"We are delighted to be working alongside a company with such a long history of innovation as Sarnoff," said Paul Labow, Chief Executive Officer of ePortation. "The combined solution represents the benefits of intelligent collaboration to solve today’s most difficult security challenges at infrastructure facilities across the country."

"Along with ePortation, we’re truly excited to demonstrate the cutting-edge of facility security technology at ASIS 2010," said Mark Clifton, Sarnoff’s Acting President and Chief Executive Officer. "The combination of ePortation’s advanced real-time information logistics and Sarnoff’s industry-leading iris identification technology will allow security professionals an unprecedented means to secure and monitor access to our nation’s most important infrastructure facilities."

For more information and to view a demo of this next-generation biometric security system in action, visit Sarnoff at ASIS 2010 in booth number 6009.