Veracity to demonstrate COLDSTORE surveillance storage integration at ASIS

Veracity, the leader in connectivity and transmission solutions for IP Video, will be demonstrating its high-reliability surveillance storage
system COLDSTORE with full DVR integration at stand #2319 at ASIS International on October 12-15 in Dallas, Texas.

COLDSTORE uses LAID technology and a patented mirrored-overlapping pair writing pattern with a special Sequential disk Filing System (SFS) to store data sequentially within the disk and across disks, resulting in an extremely low power consumption of just 50 watts for 30 Terabytes (TB) of storage. Using SFS, disk read/write head activity is minimised, eliminating vibration and reducing disk wear and operating temperature to improve reliability and minimise the risk of disk failure.

Market reaction since launch earlier in the year has been extremely positive with early installations already complete including two very
large projects in major UK city centres and an even larger third city centre project about to be announced. Additional significant trial installations are also under way in the USA and elsewhere.

Veracity has completed tight integration between COLDSTORE and the Instek Digital MatriVideo hybrid surveillance system. This combination will be on show at the Veracity ASIS stand. Further, in a three-way co-operation between Veracity, Samsung and Instek, the COLDSTORE system will also be demonstrated on the Samsung stand, using Samsung IP cameras
and the Instek video management system.

Samsung's advanced range of IP cameras include dome, box and PTZ models with high resolution, extended dynamic range, increased optical zoom and digital image stabilisation. These cameras are now fully supported by the Instek Digital - Veracity COLDSTORE combination. Samsung will also be displaying the results of this integration work on their stand (#3369).

COLDSTORE has been designed to store massive volumes of video data at low cost and high reliability, yet offers simple disk management and unique evidential handling options. It is specifically aimed at the mega-pixel camera market, where required disk capacities can be extremely high. COLDSTORE can deliver high capacities with low cost and
will be an ideal platform for the recently announced 3TB disk drives, allowing a massive 45TB storage capacity per COLDSTORE unit. Veracity's low-cost, high-capacity technology will enable many megapixel camera projects which were previously not feasible, due to considerations of cost, reliability, sheer capacity, total system power consumption or system density.

Visitors to the Veracity stand will also be able to see the new range of OUTREACH PoE network range extenders and discover how these devices can help installers overcome the distance restrictions of wired Ethernet. OUTREACH Max transmits power via CAT 5 or 6 Ethernet cables to all types of PoE devices including standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af), PoE Plus (IEEE 802.3at), 4-pair and even 60 watt (or more) unclassified 'Super' PoE devices. For installers requiring just a simple LAN extender, Veracity has also introduced OUTREACH Lite which allows Ethernet connections up to 200 metres without extending PoE.

Following on from the highly successful PINPOINT IP camera set-up adapter, Veracity will also be demonstrating POINTSOURCE, a rechargeable PoE battery pack and network adaptor to provide 6-8 hours of in-field use, allowing installers to install, configure and adjust IP cameras and lenses in situ before site power has been established, or PoE network switches installed. POINTSOURCE is also ideal for field sales demonstration and testing of IP cameras and other PoE devices.

Visitors to the Veracity stand will also receive a copy of the new IP transmission products catalogue which details every Veracity transmission product and gives advice, tips and diagrams for recommended installation and usage.

Scott Sereboff, CEO, Veracity USA, commented: "The tremendous initial interest in COLDSTORE is now being converted into major city centre installations as those in charge of control rooms and monitoring centres see the advantage of selecting a storage system specifically designed for megapixel surveillance, expanding their capacity, reducing the risk of disk failure and simultaneously cutting their power and cooling costs. We are now working with a large number of DVR and NVR system manufacturers to integrate with COLDSTORE and expect to sign up quite a few more at ASIS, as the word gets around about COLDSTORE's unique and compelling features."